Monthly Archive: May 2013

May 25

Yappn Corp (OTCBB: YPPN) fake pump and dump


What is an even better sign of an impending collapse in stock price than a pump and dump? A fake pump and dump! There are enough traders that buy pump and dumps that a large shareholder in a company, rather than paying big money for a large hard mailer campaign or paying a bunch of …

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May 21

Centor Inc. $CNTO pump and dump


Thanks to Tim Lento for finding the landing page at and tweeting about it.  Judging by the volume and the lack of emails promoting it, I guess that it has not yet been promoted and most of the volume is either wash trading or pre-promotion speculators. [Edit 2013-6-10]: I see now that I first …

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May 20

Northumberland Resources $NHUR pump and dump


Unlike many pumps I cannot identify with certainty when the pump actually started. And I have been aware of this being an active stock promotion for weeks but did not blog about it out of respect for Tom McCarthy of Prepromotion Stocks who I follow and without whom I would not have learned about NHUR …

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May 20

Montalvo Spirits (OTCBB: TQLA) pump and dump


This morning at 8:14am I received an email from promoting Montalvo Spirits (OTCBB: TQLA). The email linked to the pump landing page Disclosed budget: $380,000 [Edit 2013-6-26]: budget increased to $980,000 Promoter: Andrew Carpenter / Wall Street Revelator & Full Service Media LLC Paying party: Belmont Media Group Shares outstanding: 66,900,012 Previous closing price: …

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May 17

Brazil Minerals (OTCBB: BMIX) Tobin Smith hard mailer pump and dump

bmix (1)

Yesterday during the trading day I saw a subscriber of Tom McCarthy’s Prepromotion Stocks service alert in chat that he had received a hard mailer from Tobin Smith promoting Brazil Minerals (OTCBB: BMIX). gdot123 Wife just texted hard mailer for BMIX from NBT Equities…Tobin Smith Pre Promotion Alerts Posted May 15, 3:00 PM I …

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May 04

iTalk (OTCBB: TALK) pump and dump from the folks who brought you GNIN


The Brighton Markets group of websites sent out teaser emails about their new pump coming up after the close yesterday, giving away their promotion of TALK in the disclaimer. Thanks to Tim Lento for noticing that first. Their most recent pump, and by far their longest-lasting and most successful, was GNIN. I previously wrote about …

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May 03

Tungsten Corp (OTCBB: TUNG) pump and dump


Yesterday during the trading day I saw someone in the TimAlerts chat mention they had come across the online landing page promoting Tungsten Corp (OTCBB: TUNG); a link to that website had also been posted on iHub a few days ago. The budget on the website was initially listed as $900,000 but has since been …

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