If I’m Tim Sykes’ best student, why is my profit margin so much worse than his?

A reader asked me this question in an email. I suggest checking out Tim Sykes’ trades, the CXO Advisory Group’s post on Tim Sykes and my trading profit page to see details of what I discuss in the video. For comparison to the returns discussed in the video, at this point my weighted average profit margin in 2010 is 1.81% for my Sykes-type trades and 1.80% for my Sykes-type trades where I follow a TimAlert.

Disclosure: No positions in any stock mentioned. I am a TimAlerts lifetime subscriber and have other relationships with Tim Sykes, which are discussed in my terms of use; you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well; my full terms of use is incorporated by reference into this post.

8 thoughts on “If I’m Tim Sykes’ best student, why is my profit margin so much worse than his?”

    1. If Sykes were a frontrunning con-man then I doubt my average profit on TimAlerts would be 1.8% and I doubt I would’ve learned a profitable trading strategy from him.

  1. How do you know he’s a front runner?

    Are you suggesting he buys a stock, tells readers, they buy and move it up from where he bought in as a strategy to bank coin? Or the inverse on shorts? He does not believe the play is rational? on its own merits.

    If so, he did not do a good job on AENY a few days back, buying what proved to be a failed breakout, where several of his subscribers also bought right after. Any bounce they provided did not help him avoid a loss.

    Accusations are not evidence, they are just opinions…

  2. Learn a lesson from the Reap, Don’t get caught up in ego over statistics, bottom line what matters is profit.

  3. Hi there,i’m Mary & I was wondering if you were willing to teach me about penny stocks?
    I read about Tim but he asks for a lot & I understand that he will make money out of all his students through their stock trading,that I don’t mind.
    My true interest is actually learning to trade penny stocks for a living…
    So the question is shoulder stick with Tim & yes I will learn to trade penny stocks for a living?
    Or can you teach me,to stand on my own one day in trading penny stocks?

    Ty Mary ✨✨

    1. Outside of what I post for free on Twitter and this blog I do not post any other educational material or teach anyone. I do continue to moderate Tim’s chat and give monthly webinars to people who are in his Trading Challenge.

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