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Oct 02

George Sharp, failed stock promoter

In early 2012 a pre-promotion stock trading service called First Microcap Report, run by Leslie Howard, advertised on Howard achieved some traction although his research wasn’t particularly good and while I followed him and he did sometimes have useful insights, I certainly didn’t go about recommending him. I suppose he didn’t find enough people …

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Nov 03

George Sharp wins libel suit agains / Michael Osborn

This news is over a week old and I retweeted Sharp’s tweet about this just over a week ago, but I thought it worthwhile to post the full order. What Sharp has posted on is not the actual order although he has presented it in that way. George Sharp won his libel suit against …

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Apr 13

Recent SEC Trading suspensions of pump & dumps

I have been remiss in not posting much over the last months (and years!). While in 2016 I traded almost no pump and dumps because so few were successful and so few even had decent volume, 2017 has had several successful pumps and now several high-profile SEC trading suspensions of stocks in mid-pump. I look …

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Aug 15

ElitePennyStock Paints target on its back: Best stock promoter out there

Disclosure: I’m short ElitePennyStock’s current promotion, AREN. See details at bottom. In a world in which ever more promoters and manipulators have not just been sued by the SEC but sent to prison by US Department of Justice it is a dangerous thing to be known as the best stock promoter. But with having …

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Jun 11

Promoters Eric Cusimano & Jamie Boye indicted

Promoters Eric Cusimano & Jamie Boye (of and related websites) were indicted by a grand jury in the western district of the USA circuit court in New York. They  are scheduled to be arraigned shortly. Below are the case details. Per George Sharp Cusimano was just arrested in Panama on Monday and was brought …

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May 27

The Most obviously fake financial statement I have ever seen, courtesy of $FRTD

There are few words that can adequately describe this quarterly report from non-SEC reporting company Fortitude Group (FRTD), which is currently suspended from trading after their absurd buyout press release. Read the 1st quarter report at There is so much idiocy in this report that I cannot do more than scratch the surface. But …

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Mar 21

SEC Suspends trading in third pot stock and perennial scam Citadel EFT $CDFT

Smart people have been saying for well over half a year that the SEC should do something about Citadel EFT. The stock almost never traded though until the company put out a press release three weeks ago announcing that the company was getting into the marijuana business. SEC suspension press release SEC suspension order I …

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Nov 27

SEC Suspends trading in Nevada Gold Corp $NVGC

Another day, another trading suspension of a big stock promotion. This time the ‘victim’ is Nevada Gold Corporation (NVGC). NVGC has been promoted by illegal spam emails from “StockCastle”. This trading suspension comes just two days after the previous trading suspension of a major active stock promotion, Life Stem Genetics. Here is a chart of NVGC:  …

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Jul 01

Penny Stock Pillager and the neverending Xumanii $XUII pump and dump

Note: I am short XUII (see disclaimer at bottom of post for details). This morning I received an email from InvestorsHub promoting Xumanii linking to the following page: Penny Stock Pillager is published by Capital Financial Media, also known for running They have produced mailers for multiple pump and dumps and now Xumanii …

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Mar 31

They’re back! Stock Castle, spam stock promoter, now pumping LSE:AIM listed Mercom Oil

Stock Castle (which is how we traders refer to this spam stock promoter even though they have used a huge number of different websites and names) is back, this time promoting a London AIM exchange-listed company, Mercom Oil (MMO:L). Most recently Stock Castle promoted USGT. Stock Castle is a spammer that has been sued by …

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