Trade recap for October 1st: Boring!

Boring day. No watchlist tonight … I’m going to attempt to have a life for one day. I’ll post a watches in the comments to this post.

Daily profit: ($3.00)

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13 thoughts on “Trade recap for October 1st: Boring!”

  1. I agree today was barely anything. Im gonna try to borrow some CHIP tommorow pre-market if I can. TIm wasn’t able to get any I think and Its still holding at a nice fade

  2. CPRX will be a good short again today unless it crashes out the gate.
    TELK is showing some strength this morning, but the chart is horrid.

  3. Just goes to show that I have great teachers. 🙂

    I haven’t really looked at the market since I started following you, thanks for reminding me that it does matter.
    In cases like these would you consider TZA, FAZ a play, or never.

    1. No I don’t trade the market, so no ETFs. What I do find is that while standard momo stocks are affected by a big market drop, stocks up on big news are still playable and retain momo.

  4. Good job on the covestor preston i will have to friend you on there. Enjoy your Mario Kart today reaper if I was not at work i would be doing the same thing. Today is going to be very boring.

  5. Thanks guys, I live in Laurel but I spend most of my time in Houston or Baton Rouge. I guess to say I get mail in Laurel, truth is i’ve never worked in MS.

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