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Oct 20

Falconridge Oil Technologies $FROT landing page pump


This morning at 7:01am I received an email from Marketing@insiderwealthalert.com with an advertisement for Falconridge Oil Technologies (FROT) linking to a website for the pump at http://frotinfo.com/ Given the low budget and the weak state of the market for stock promotions, I think this will likely never get much volume and will slowly fade. Disclosed budget: $150,000 Promoter: …

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Oct 15

Crumbs Bake Shop $CRMBQ to liquidate


Despite the huge run up in the shares of Crumbs Bake Shop (CRMBQ) on the news that Crumbs has reopened one of their shuttered stores and will reopen a bunch more soon, Crumbs Bake Shop Inc no longer has anything to do with the Crumbs stores or brand and will not benefit from the store openings. In …

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Sep 23

Calculating the value of $BIOF ex-rights

Note: the below post is only relevant for trading of BIOF on 9/24 and does not apply after the stock has gone ex-rights. Tomorrow BIOF will start trading ex-rights, with each right giving the owner the right to buy 2.25 shares of BIOF at $5 (if the average price of BIOF over the next 10 …

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Sep 19

Feds indict a bunch of stock promoters

I am a little slow to post this — these two separate cases were publicized last week. This looks like one more nail in the coffin of the biggest stock promotion scams. I have done little besides collect links to the best stories about the two different cases. Titan Securities / IPC Corporate Securities / …

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Aug 28

Owners of $CRMBQ stock no longer own Crumbs Bakeshop – yet it was still up 100% yesterday


Yesterday the stock of the bankrupt Crumbs Bakeshop (CRMBQ) went up over 100%. This is likely because foolish people who don’t understand bankruptcy heard the news about the purchase and think current shareholders will benefit. They will not. @EDJENNINGS808 doesn’t exist — Marcus Lemonis (@marcuslemonis) August 27, 2014 See the order yesterday: Order Under 11 …

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Aug 21

The End is near for Crumbs Bakeshop $CRMBQ $CRMUQ

The deadline for competing bids for Crumbs Bakeshop (CRMBQ and CRMUQ) has come and gone with no offers besides the stalking horse bid (see my previous post on that). Per Dow Jones Newswires yesterday: DJ CNBC’s Lemonis Will Likely Sweep Up Crumbs — Market Talk 13:29 EDT – A possible revival of Crumbs Bake Shop …

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Aug 06

Stock promoters criminally charged for manipulative trading of marijuana stocks including $HEMP and $PHOT


Yesterday the SEC sued four promoters for manipulative trading in marijuana stocks and the Department of Justice joined the fun with a criminal case against three of the four. First I address the more serious criminal charges (see DoJ press release). The criminal charges relate to only one stock: ISM International (ISML).  Three men who …

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Aug 06

AJ Discala and four others charged criminally for stock fraud


Again this is a late post. This happened on July 14th. This story received a lot of attention because one of the men charged criminally, AJ Discala, is famous. See the Dealbook article about the case. SEC press release SEC complaint Department of Justice press release A ten-count indictment was unsealed this morning in federal court …

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Aug 06

Criminal charges filed against Christopher Nix, Andrew Affa, and three others for conspiracy to manipulate Amogear $AMOG stock


2014 continues to be a banner year not just for the SEC but for criminal prosecutions of stock promoters for market manipulation. This case was filed almost a month ago so I apologize for the delay but wanted to make sure I posted it on this blog. See the SEC’s press release about its lawsuit …

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Aug 05

Apptigo International $APPG pump and dump


[Edit 18 August 2014: I was forwarded scans of a hard mailer by StockRealist. I have updated the information on the budget with info from the hard mailer. See the full mailer (13-page 13MB PDF). See also the negative reports on APPG by Stockrealist and by Geoinvesting.] Yesterday Promotion Stock Secrets made public their report on …

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