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Jul 23

Kourtland Wissler / Centerline Trades: Avoid at all costs


There is a lot that is very sketchy about Kourtland Kardashian (as he calls himself; his real name appears to be Kourtland Wissler). He has over 5 times the followers of Tim Sykes on Twitter (438,000 versus 84,000) despite his website CenterlineTrades.com being registered only in 2015 while Tim has been blogging / selling his services …

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Jun 19

SEC Suspends trading in Joymain International $JIDG


  Joymain International (JIDG) had its trading suspended by the SEC on June 15th, 2015. The stock had been on an an incredible run and had achieved an insane $6 billion+ market capitalization. JIDG will reopen for trading on the grey market at the market open on June 29th, 2015. SEC Trading suspension release (PDF) …

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Jun 19

SEC Sues promoter of and ex-CEO of former mailer pump Norstra Energy $NORX


Two years ago, Norstra Energy (NORX) was a postal mailer stock promotion. Approximately three months after the start of the promotion, trading in the stock was suspended by the SEC. Since then the stock has slowly but inexorably declined. Yesterday the SEC sued Glen Landry, the former CEO of the company, and Eric Dany, the promoter …

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Jun 12

EMS Find $EMSF promoted via mailer

$EMSF Disclaimer

Get in soon before it is too late! EMS Find Inc (EMSF) is the Uber of ambulances! Ha! Of course it isn’t. It is just a worthless shell being manipulated in a pump and dump. Read more about the company at Promotion Stock Secrets. There is an online landing page at http://emsfreport.com/ and people have …

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Jun 05

What we can learn from the fake Avon $AVP buyout offer

If you are going to manipulate stocks by putting out fake news, I have some advice: 1) Don’t do it. It is very easy to get caught and you will likely not make much money. 2) If you do put out fake news, at least don’t make the obvious (and easily traceable) trade of buying …

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Jun 03

Connect-a-Jet Scammer convicted for stock fraud, conspiracy

Back in September 2007 as I was first getting into shorting pumps and dumps, there was a huge mailer pump of a company that seemed to have a nice business plan — online booking of private jets. This company, Connect-a-Jet, was a complete sham and every press release put out by the company to coincide …

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Jun 03

For the Record: Ecosciences landing page pump $ECEZ


So far this year no landing page pumps have gotten much volume and they have all done poorly, fading slowly for the most part. That is why I am slow to blog about this landing page pump on Ecosciences (ECEZ). If landing page pumps continue to get little volume I may cease blogging about them. …

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May 27

NuGene International $NUGN Mailer pump


I must admit that I have not been following pumps as closely as I used to because so few of them have enough volume to be interesting to me. So I only noticed that NuGene International (NUGN) was being pumped by a 28-page glossy hard mailer when I saw this tweet about it. I checked …

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May 11

Riviera Tool Corp $RIVT does a NEST

2013-10-21 NEST days 1&2 run-up on ticker confusion with private Nest Inc

When people ask why I prefer to trade penny stocks and preferably OTC stocks, my answer is that I prefer to trade against people who are less intelligent and experienced than I am. Considering all the smart people working at hedge funds I would likely be less intelligent and less experienced than the people trading …

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Apr 29

Dwayne Bigelow arrested for pumping and dumping

Dwayne Bigelow, 46, a Florida resident, was arrested last week for his involvement in a wide-ranging scheme of stock promotion and manipulation. See the Department of Justice press release. He was charged with one count of conspiracy to commit securities fraud and wire fraud (Count One), three counts of securities fraud (Counts Two through Four), and …

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