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Jul 21

John Babikian update: SEC settles with him, his assets sold off by Revenue Quebec

The SEC settled its lawsuit with John Babikian two weeks ago. This lawsuit, for the promotion and scalping of the stock of America West Resources (defunct now, traded as AWSR then). To the untrained eye, this looks like a tiny slap on the wrist considering all the stock promotions Babikian has run. But the suit …

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Jul 21

SEC seeks $12.2 million penalty against Jean-Francois Amyot in Spencer Pharma case

The SEC has filed a proposed default judgement in their lawsuit against Jean Francois Amyot. See the Stockwatch article for a good synopsis, excerpted below: The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has filed a motion for a default judgment of up to $12.2-million against Quebec’s Jean-Francois Amyot, citing his “especially egregious” conduct in a 2010 pump-and-dump. (All figures …

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Jul 15

Crumbs Bake Shop $CRMBQ bankruptcy update: Stalking horse bid details

Disclosure: I am short CRMBQ and I am a day-trader. I may close my short position or go long at any time. I am not a bankruptcy expert. This post is for informational purposes only.   Below is a copy of the docket in the Crumbs Bake Shop Inc (CRMBQ):   14-24287-MBK Crumbs Bake Shop, Inc. Case …

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Jul 14

Trading in Cynk Technology $CYNK suspended by SEC


On Friday, July 11th early in premarket (prior to 8AM Eastern) shares of CYNK were halted by FINRA and given a U3 “exraordinary event” halt code. That would be only the second ever FINRA halt of an OTC stock (following the halt of BOPT in 2013). However, the halt code was changed after 9:00AM to …

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Jul 13

Crumbs Bakeshop $CRMB bankruptcy documents

Below you will find PDF copies of almost all of the filings in the Crumbs Bake Shop (CRMB) bankruptcy filing as of today. They are listed in the order they are shown in the docket. The case is 14-24287-MBK in the New Jersey district of US Bankrtupcy Court. 1 1-1 3 3-1 3-2 4 4-1 4-2 …

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Jul 11

More evidence that Windstream Technologies $WSTI is a scam


Over the last few days there have been a number of SeekingAlpha articles by multiple authors on Windstream Technologies. And this new batch of articles makes the company look very, very bad. WindStream Technologies – A Walk Down Due Diligence Lane (July 8) WindStream Technologies – Crashed But Still Overvalued? (July 9) Windstream Rebuttal To GeoInvesting …

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Jun 27

Windstream Technologies $WSTI: Who needs a test installation when you have Photoshop?


I highly recommend following @AuspexResearch on Twitter if you trade Windstream Technologies (WSTI). Here is one of his tweets: $WSTI? Wow. Photoshopped photo in their 10K filing!? They took a photo from Walk Sydney and cropped and superimposed their turbines?!!! — Auspex (@AuspexResearch) June 27, 2014   I looked and what do you know, the …

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Jun 24

Virtus Oil $VOIL Stock promotion


This morning prior to the market open I received an email from Marketing@insiderwealthalert.com linking to http://virtusoilandgas-news.com/index1.html See the Promotion Stock Secrets report on VOIL.   Disclosed budget: Not disclosed Promoter:  Charles Moskowitz Paying party: YXIME Partners Ltd. Shares outstanding: 48,300,000 Previous closing price: $0.92 Market capitalization: $44 million   Excerpt from disclaimer: IMPORTANT NOTICE AND DISCLAIMER: This stock profile …

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Jun 23

Windstream Technologies $WSTI gets a Wall Street Revelator pump


Starting last Friday people on Twitter started reporting receiving hard mailers promoting Windstream Technologies (WSTI). So far there has been no email or online promotion of the stock that I am aware of. I posted on Twitter a few times about the promotion; Tim Sykes blogged about it earlier today. Considering the high stock price …

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Jun 17

Update on USA v. Cusimano & Boye

Financial affidavits were filed by the Eric and Jessica Cusimano yesterday in the stock fraud / money laundering trial of Eric Cusimano, Jamie Boye, and Jessica Cusimano (charged only with money laundering). June 16th affidavits (PDF) Docket report (PDF) Cusimano (on page 33) declared $250,000 in monthly income from Premier Consulting Inc (Panama) which is the …

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